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‘The Wolverine’ Director Talks Unrated Cut

Comic-Con 2013 may be over, but there’s however a major comedian book-related celebration to anticipate this week: The Wolverine, the next solo movie featuring Hugh Jackman inside the titular role, which sees Logan heading to Japan for the behest of the character from his earlier who needs to “repay” an extremely previous credit card debt.

Presented Logan’s tendency toward finding particularly angry and violent, it appears just about a disgrace the Wolverine is being produced as being a PG-13 2 Broke Girls Season 2 DVD movie to be able to ensure a decent box business just take from youthful audiences. Just after all, whenever a character’s most important superpowers incorporate the ability to mend from even probably the most ugly of injuries, and adamantium claws which can rip by way of just about any materials easily, it could be a pity to not exhibit these features off to their fullest, bloodiest extent.

The Wolverine director James Mangold agrees that there are scenes which were slice from your theatrical variation from the film that X-Men followers would likely really like to view, and as a result is hoping to launch an unrated slash 2 Broke Girls Season 2 DVD with the movie with regards to residence video. When asked by Digital Spy about the possibility of various cuts, Mangold promised that there is extra to be witnessed
Display screen Rant also experienced the chance to speak to both Hugh Jackman and James Mangold at Comic-Con this 12 months, with in-depth discussion of how Logan’s chaotic, berserker rage form of fighting clashed along with the grace and controlled type of Japanese martial arts and sword-fighting. If you loved the clip of Logan battling the yakuza within the top of the bullet prepare that was released just lately, the director and star also give loads of insight into how that scene was shot and translated 2 Broke Girls Season 2 DVD onto the massive monitor.
During the interview, we quizzed Mangold a little around the subject matter of the sequel to the Wolverine, and his reaction was basically that he will “never say never” to these an concept. When Display Rant spoke to the Wolverine producer Hutch Parker through a set check out, he explained that there is “absolutely” place for more movies, which the intention all through the producing of your Wolverine was to develop a film that could need a deserving follow-up.

“Never say never” was also the sentiment expressed by Mangold in a very question-and-answer session with followers carried out on Yahoo. Mangold has spoken various instances about his enthusiasm for comic books and his adore from the Chris Claremont & Frank Miller saga upon which The Wolverine is based, and therefore was inevitably questioned if he’d want to direct another movie regarding the character. It sounds like it might all depend over the pitch.

Donnerstag, 1. August 2013

Film is a great magic

The visual effects in movies everywhere: from the earliest frame recording, makeup prosthetics, to dioramas shooting and mechanical effects, then mix and match 3D motion capture technology and CGI ..... film industry advances in technology, each category inherent in the plethora of large and small technology, such as motion capture techniques have mechanical, acoustic, electromagnetic, optical, etc. classification, and to convey to the audience the ultimate visual experience that includes the most basic use, including photographic lens synergy of several technologies Castle Seasons 1-4 DVD
categories of completion.

Jia Zhangke pseudo-documentary images that deliberately slack is a visual effect, "Saving Private Ryan" and shaking uneasy when landing on a beach as a war correspondent with the film camera was manufactured as the picture is a visual effect, "young school" is Lee On the first play 3D, but the film relies on many dreamlike scene is pure hand-made and true natural light. Whether it is the same as Nolan respected traditional dioramas and mechanical effects, or, as Zach Schneider's completely blue green screen plus production, whether traditional or the most advanced technology CG, no matter which one you like, the picture is that the film's special effects important narrative tools used today by way of illustration in contemporary film chat some common techniques to create visual effects.
In the movie, especially science fiction story, a lot of scenes that do not exist in real life, so according to the story needs, first erected in the special scene has been a lot of achievements in science fiction special picture Community Season 3 DVD effects Chuck Seasons 1-4 DVD on the premise and foundation. The famous "Blade Runner", the art teacher Paul spent more than a year access to information and the election scene, in reference to the many architectural styles, the final design of tall city of the future movie: overcrowded building has a specific shape , narrow streets, cluttered neon, text symbols everywhere, all kinds of people walking in the city, there was never under endless rain, through the camera lens directly photographed image can make the audience feel very intuitive that this is a dirty, crowded, bizarre city of the future.

In "Terminator 2018", in order to create a trial date after being destroyed home planet faces, graphic designer Martin Levin Britain has chosen the mountains, desert and marine biodiversity landscapes of New Mexico as the main viewfinder, and in reference to the Hungarian nuclear radiation shelters, based on the successful transformation of a hangar designed to become a rebel base in the city together with ruins and other scenes in the visual content for the film to create "a new Terminator big story background "to lay the foundation.Desperate Housewives Seasons 1-8 DVD

Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2013

Crowdsourcing model, beautiful to look at?

In the retail consumer market, on the one hand lines operating under clothing overstock, fertilizers, pesticides and food additives under the people insipid. The other hand, to be known as handmade clothing and the original ecological food are being high-end consumers, to sell out of stock, this may be Fordism and post-Fordism classic rendering.

Social development is to meet the diverse forms of the diverse needs of the times. In 2000, two young men dropped out of Chicago, the creation of a website, on a website, artists and designers to upload their own designed T-shirt, and then by the netizens to vote, the highest number of votes will be printed in the works clothes,How I Met Your Mother Seasons 1-8 DVD each priced from 18 to 24 dollars, the winning artists will get paid, this Web site called Threadless, 2006 year a book called "crowdsourcing" (Crowdsourcing) of books, will the Threadless practices summarized become a new business model - crowdsourcing model, then, crowdsourcing popular with the world. Diamond Candles uses crowdsourcing to collect product ideas; Coke fan base through the development of new flavors beverages; Kickstarter crowdsourcing model to use for creative solutions to raise funds; MADE.COM designers and artists to furniture design hanging in online voting; FlyingFlips referred friends to vote for the design and manufacture of slippers; One Jackson let consumers voted for by the children's wear designer showcase; also a site called for some hard-pressed to dream costume design for the production of fashion lovers , to provide them to upload their own designer clothes style figure, after the user's vote, reservation form more than 20 websites party winning entries will be put into production and be sold. These sites operate both good and bad, such as SketchStreet it suspended operations in February this year.

Dienstag, 30. Juli 2013

Terminal evolutionary mobile shopping prices more transparent

Unwittingly, a variety of mobile devices into our daily lives. Today, the mobile terminal is becoming the main way to access the Internet, which will produce a full range of our lives impact and lead to profound changes in consumption patterns.

Mobile shopping from mobile phones to tablet is not just a terminal evolution.

Compared with smart phones, tablets larger screen, the user can get more perfect shopping experience. Research institutions e-tailing research shows that 1/10 of the Tablet PC users every day to browse or buy goods online, there are nearly 1/4 of the users of online shopping in the past six months the number of not less than six times.Game of Thrones Season 3 DVD Formally launched Taobao iPad client situation should the need be, in order to meet the needs of mobile shopping users, Taobao iPad in the provision of goods search, browse, collection, purchase, logistics inquiries Want online communication and other important functions, so that the user may, at any time, any place unrestricted complete the whole process of online shopping. Currently, Taobao mobile end users has nearly independent PC side of 1/6, I believe Taobao iPad client released, would trigger a new round of growth in mobile shopping.

In Zhongguancun white-collar work yellow Nana Taobao three-diamond buyers, because weekdays Shopping busy, so no time to go shopping, she is small snacks large appliances are all on Taobao buy the phone Taobao iPhone client on the line, she immediately loaded the phone Taobao application, this way shopping more convenient, "mobile phone shopping is indeed very convenient, I'm waiting for Metro bus when you can buy things online, but I have always wanted to use iPad shopping because HD Screen can see clearly all the details are, I did not expect really Taobao launched IPAD client, I was able to quickly estimate the Crown buyers! "
And with iPad, iPhone based mobile shopping is not just convenient, bids from passive to active parity is yet another evolution of mobile shopping.

According to the e-commerce research firm Coremetrics information provided by the U.S. smart phone users, 49% intend in the future to buy things using a mobile phone or compare commodity prices.

Compare and online shopping site not just a fad, but a new consumption patterns. To meet the needs of mobile shopping users parity, phone Taobao launched the "Search" function.

In China, the most price-sensitive consumers, whether it is on-site shopping, or online shopping, price is often the factors that most affect the outcome of the transaction. Shop around, understand the consumer, suffer no disadvantage,Mad Men Seasons 1-6 DVD consumer mobile phone in hand to grasp the parity initiative. From a business development trend of consumption, mobile phone Taobao will become a universal tool for intelligent life, parity not only meet the needs of online shoppers, but also for the general public is an evolution of the traditional consumption, parity using a mobile phone look up "fly off", consumer and the business information symmetry, consumers are no longer passively accept a merchant information, but multi-parity, thus selecting the best price, who shared the same city parity information.

Mobile shopping unrestrained, different mobile terminals, different phone system, it will generate different individual needs, but the original aim of the mobile terminal must meet the diverse needs of users, providing more transparent consumption patterns.

Montag, 29. Juli 2013

"An Andalusia dog" Bunuel's heart silhouette

Watching the film, let me think of "director homework" inside modernist architectural metaphor of those with avant-garde films, these modernist buildings without considering living in the body of this request, but only emphasizes the architect personal aesthetic sense, so not too young to building on the ground plane disappeared. "An Andalusia dog" this is just the movie, jumping narrative, convoluted language of the camera, although it is very short, but gave people a sense of doubt can be a lot. After so many years, it is already out of film school often to explain the classic, people have to study diligently this movie, read the secret.

The movie is like an event movie abstract, in appreciation of the process I also will weaken the plot, just focus on each one to say what is inside the lens, although there have been subtitles emphasize the concept of time, in my It seems that it is just a sign of scene transitions, and you want to sort out this concept from the time the movie is basically the story idea would be more confusing. I will simply summarize what the lens inside the narrative, cut eye, hand inside the ants climb, the road broken hand, the idea of ​​a unique lens unrestrained imagination, is the movie's everything.

"Midnight in Paris" in a very interesting, when the male pig heel Bunuel said some scenes in his future films when Bunuel himself does not want to Grey's Anatomy Seasons 1-9 DVD understand why so. Each lens film camera language emphasis should have their own significance. I do not know the meaning of Buñuel lens where it came from, maybe just his mere dreams and thoughts it.

Loaded to force people to see many other intellectuals have to say what anarchism or something, I can not fully agree, this is your interpretation, I think that is the only tricky movie craving for some sexual liberation of consciousness.

Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

"Let the bullets fly": That the flying imagination

How to recognize Jiang Wen and "Let the bullets fly," which is a need to think about. Broadly praise Jiang talent is not respect, but also for the film all the creative staff of contempt.

So far, I have seen the most extreme comments from Jiang Fangzhou classmates. The "rising fat," said the watch "Let the bullets fly," every pore clamoring cattle too. Critics Europa is described: humor, cool, westerns, narcissism, metaphor, masculine, gore, satire, strange ideas, selling rot, dew point, sexually suggestive, Bacchus, crazy, insanity, wilderness atmosphere , hero complex, revolutionary romanticism. Not "bad ugly", not "Seven Samurai", but not "Inglourious Basterds," which is "True Blood Seasons 1-5 DVD "

130 minutes, a little bit of bloody violence still a little yellow "Let the bullets fly," hilarious audience. Like drink Erguotou, all of them high. Huazhiluanchan women, men bend forward and backward. If the "three shots of surprises," "Laughing Wild" and essay-style movie, is scratching to make you laugh, is nowhere near enough, and "Let the bullets fly" is accurately hit your smile points. Overall no "Urine point", truly.

"Let the bullets fly," is Jiang's first commercial blockbusters. Many famous literary film director who shot bad commercial films, because of the change is very suited to soil and water after, lost their original advantage. And this problem is not a problem for Jiang.

"Let the bullets fly", the Jiang unrestrained imagination and artistic youth temperament, to continue flying, and fly higher. A bandit encounter a bully in the middle but also tucked a thousand big liar. Three extreme characters get together, this story structure, probably beyond those of us a lot of directors and the general audience's imagination. But Jiang Wen, this is not enough, the story progresses we must falsehoods, several overlapping peaks, a chain, to fill the gap. Plot and detail to create not only be creative, but also logical. Mara train design, Zhang Mo, played by Caesarean section to prove his youngest ate a bowl of jelly, and the authenticity Ma bandit Rush, head wore four cakes, etc., all of them called a flash in the pan.

It is precisely because the narrative techniques to solve problems, "Let the bullets fly," just as the Lord of the star power to send provide a broad performance space. Ge demonstrated a consistently high level, coupled with extreme plasticity character itself, Ge interpretation of this image is bound to spread adviser. And Chow Yun-Fat plays a big bully yellow Shiro, very layered, the film yellow Shiro and his avatars opponents play, the brother who played two roles, acting was superb, lovely. In addition to the three major hurricane acting actor, the film's protagonist, there are many surprises, including Liao Fan, Zhang Mo, Hu Jun and only two minutes cameo nursery is impressive, but Chen Kun and Jiang Wu is obviously some drama before.

Donnerstag, 25. Juli 2013

Four chefs - Gordon Chan Superman dream

I. Introduction: Some digression
Ever since seen the rotten to the shaking"painting B" later, I fear for the director Gordon Chan. But by chance read "The Four" trailer, I decided to watch the demonstration. Trailer color gray, gloomy weapons for martial arts films preference for me, seem to see a temperament tough, brilliant hard martial arts action. And, and, and, surprised to be Mother of the ruthless, Nima ah, it fulfilled my dream of many years ah. Mother of what most love ~ ~ ~ ~ Finally, on a sunny weekend, I have nothing else to buy up a small ticket decisively,True Blood Seasons 1-5 DVD leisurely walked into the movie theater. Hall 2 huge sparse sit for a few people come before also worried for less than a good location, it seems that is what I want more. But good, always prefers to be alone to the cinema for viewing for me, few people is a good thing.

Second, the story: "Four chefs"
Capital. Experts gathered in the land, a bird flew numerous passers-by exposing the sharp eyes, you can not be hid, and you look like the bright fireflies in the dark night sky. . . . . Six doors, well-known as the capital of the national large restaurant, and its forces had only fully. Explorer restaurant called Chefs, he is interviewing new induction of several female chef. Spearheaded a called Flower, Meimuqingxiu, but Chefs repeatedly said: I made an exception to let you into this further than Urban Management Bureau NB latent forces units do not want any rules, but warned me princes recruit people can not engage in sex discrimination. Our unit Yigai ranked according to their abilities, the top four is a master chef. Flower hear Ms smile, but after all, is starting a new job, there is no hurry to keep up with a few flatter certain life-long struggle for the six doors, leaders must live up to expectations, then. Turned and flew toward the only guy in front of units: You're chefs cold Ling abandoned? I heard that your nose is very spiritual and wanted to see this. Deng Chao listening, like a silly child-like facial paralysis looked beautiful an even passed.
Night, Sanlitun most prestigious nightclubs drunk on floor, is preparing to put on a good show. Akio brother usual appearance with a heavy taste of Hong Kong, along with Hong Kong flavor and his amazing chin beard. This is a play WOW you. . . . Bearded dwarves can also be the same as the braid. However harmless, as long as Akio brother play, I do not pick. Then fairy sister played the widow of ruthless ah. Really, I. Chen Mother of the ruthless is applauded me, although I also like the original novel, but nothing can behave is not it boring. To be honest, I look at this piece, half directed at Mother of ruthless come. But. . . Naive I was wrong. I have not had time to digest the shape of Ronald kill Matt, group of people inexplicably open shot. Kill Matt a look, yo, upstairs there is a Mother of. Too, go rob a color first. Fairy sister moves, and Niangqin ah, this is the Mother of which merciless ah, this is simply Mother of Magneto. That Zhuoyibandeng Fly Fly, eventually the bad guys are stealing copper grinding the meat of the Iron Man capture. Chefs six doors once again on stage, mainly to show the scene why is it called six doors, each out to the streets because they are, essential styling tool is carry a door. Akio brother politely ground before the cotton. Said he was in the capital to open a pot shop called God Houfu, please Chefs lot to join. Chefs one to anger, NND, I was the only one capital never Michelin star restaurant, you count for something. At a pinch, princes dressed in the same clothes with style sheets debut. He explained Chefs, Akio brother pot shop is directly managed palace, the emperor's gold medal in his hand there, any business tax inspectors Health Bureau, met with this card had to kneel. Chefs suddenly said that a large pear, unfair competition, it is not obvious what? Akio brother chuckled, and to show good Chefs. The prisoners made counterfeit money I give you, but you want to grab that kill Matt to me. Chefs one, deal, deal.

Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013

"Great master": record images in the current situation forces

In 1935, Lao She can not take a book of the "two boxer" material essence, the achievements of a small text "Lethal gun." "Lethal Gun" dapper, at the very start is a martial sense of loss is also the face of the current situation dictates - sand dragon darts has already changed inn. Written novels of the time, martial arts have been Revolutionary Party and educators advocate it, but on the face of ZTE, can not conceal his legend in the loss.

A year later in 1936, Gong Haneda martial arts should be notified in Foshan The Big Bang Theory Seasons 1-6 DVD retreated into the shadows. Wong Kar-wai "great master" beginning of the end of an era will be crashing. Contrast type martial arts movies violent wind, "great master" like a martial arts flourished on the image reflection stylized impressionistic style, with Xijinqianhua plain; tough martial arts world, there is a sense of loss of the buttons.
Every good times, even if only on the face scenery, there are always some people come back refers to the direction away tells the magical. The reason why there is such a turn and stare, mostly the so-called "current situation" feel, lament and even frightened. "Great master", the "current situation" consists of two specially marked by recording images, such as dating nodes, reversing the trajectory of life.
Generation of master The grandmaster (2013) Poster # 01
Although Wong Kar Wai repeatedly stressed to recover an era, but the so-called recovery is not primarily the authenticity of the image, but changes in the martial arts, the fate of the characters and their meaning. Mapped with this form, in whole impressionistic manner record spans the two images - one of the puppet Manchukuo documentary segments, one in 1950 in Hong Kong street Scenery - The record of the essence of truth. Freehand does not declare a loss of the real, and true nor impressionistic cause fragmentation. Wong Kar-wai to do is to find the true meaning changing and unchanging, but the so-called real, that is the current situation. Wong Kar-wai's emphasis on the two records images are obvious, especially compared to other times nodes subtitles way.

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